Autosave: ON

Anytime I’ve gotten a new computer, and installed writing software (Your Words and your Final Drafts) I always forget to set the autosave to “On”, because for some baffling reason – and I don’t know if this is just me – the default is always “Off”.

Which I always forget, and always find out the hard way.

Today I lost four pages of work… By doing the stupid, “Oh, I’ll just switch these scenes around and… no that doesn’t work, I’ll just close the window and re-open it and… oops.”

I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Anyway… While other writers blogs help people with “structure” or “arc” or “character development” I like to be more practical.

Make sure your autosave is on.



On Friday, CBC picked up my radio series (about an American Midshipman on a Canadian maintenance ship, in an American fleet headed towards war).

Ten episodes (with the already recorded pilot, a total of eleven).

I’m very pleased, and excited. Although, the turn around time is insane…

It will start airing in April.

I’m going to farm a couple of the episodes out, while attempting to write an episode a week.

If it sounds insane to you, imagine how it sounds to me.

It’s quite the undertaking, but I figure I can take a day or two to break the story, then two days to write a first draft, then another two to write the second… giving me a day off.

But if part-way through the run, you hear someone reading the contents of the phone book, with space sf/x underneath, you’ll know I’ve snapped.

But at least you’ll have found the show.


Happy New Year!

I did an image search on the phrase “Happy New Year” and this was on the first page:

Which made me laugh, cuz I always wondered what happened to this dude who was on the side of our Pinto station wagon:

Here’s to 2007 not blowing ass!


It’s Christmas, hide your belt and your shoelaces

Yes, it’s that time of year where everyone is miserable as hell. What? Did you think you were the only one? Nope, sorry to tell you this, but everyone hates their lives right now.

Those smiles you see on people’s faces on the street? They’re just barely containing the misery and the rage.

Everyone is just keeping it together right about now.

So, put on a warmish coat, pull on your rain boots and plaster on that gigantic fake grin and go see the people you call your family.

And if you’re alone on Christmas, and you’re depressed about that… Well, let me just say that I know it’s hard to believe, but all those people you see having a good time, are full of shit and secretly they envy you. Enjoy the quiet.

Happy Holidays.

We will survive.