Goodbye 2007, Hello Forever

I realize it’s been a while since I posted. Don’t worry, I’m fine.

Seriously, I’m ok.

So, to address some e-mails and some family questions…

Canadia: 2056…

If you notice a complete lack of publicity surrounding a show – if you hear or read absolutely nothing at all about a particular program – the chances are that it’s premiering within a matter of days. It’s CBC Radio’s anti-publicity campaign, their “publicity-nouveau” if you will. If you think about it, it really challenges the listener to “discover” programming. It’s rather brilliant and progressive, actually.

“Our silence and lack of acknowledgment indicates that some thing is about to happen… Maybe.”

But, for the neophobes who can’t get on board with this whole “anti-publicity” fad, and for those who have duly noted that the CBC Program schedule says that Afghanada is still airing on the 2nd of January:

Canadia: 2056 starts airing on Wednesday. Yes, this Wednesday, January 2nd at 11:05PM, repeat on Friday January 4th at 11:30AM. The first season will run through until March, and then the second season (the episodes we’re currently writing/recording) will begin airing.

Also, for those of you enquiring about CD’s of the first season: I think it’s safe to assume at this point that they will not be available for Christmas. I’m assured that they will be available for pre-order by the time the show starts airing on Wednesday… But if you go by my convoluted logic regarding the publicity for the show – if you don’t order the CD’s at all, they will arrive on your doorstep sometime last week.

As for podcasting… Don’t even ask. It’s hopeless at this point. The idea of downloading any radio drama from the CBC website looks like it’ll probably happen around the time digital media is considered out-dated and archaic. Incidentally, I tried to get the phrase “now available on the compact disc format!” on the cover of the CD’s, but they didn’t go for it.

We’re halfway through recording the new season, which I’m really enjoying writing. Although the focus is primarily the characters and their relationships, we’re pushing the SF story-lines as far as we can… For the record, if you think I’ve stolen something from either Douglas Adams or Grant Naylor, it’s an homage…

Not theft.

(Fine, I “borrowed” some ideas… But at least I ADMIT IT!)

Everything else…

The non-SF screenplay I wrote will be getting some development money – So I’m working on a second draft of that.

I’ve got an outline for another film idea in the works, and I’m waiting to hear on a couple pitches…

I just played the first God of War, and it was awesome.


About a month ago I was getting some paperwork together, looking at my bank statement and I had a moment of realization. This was the first year where all my income came from writing… Not only that, but I actually earned my keep, never having to borrow a single dime.

Who knows what next year will be like… This year was the year I almost said “I am a writer” outloud. Mind you, I haven’t… Typing it now filled me with a sense of foreboding.

But there’s a small part of me that’s borderline proud.

And that’s something to marginally celebrate.

Happy 2008!


I just pulled a knife on Peter Sellers

Oh man, the burnout is setting in. This schedule I get myself into, of writing an episode a week… It’s grueling at times. My panic disorder has flared up BIG TIME. I had a panic attack on the street today, which never happens. Grocery stores, malls – indoor places, for sure. The street? Not since I was 15. That’s a bad sign. I’m slipping.

I’ve just outlined another episode, which I’ll have written into a first draft by… Wednesday, second draft by Friday or Saturday, then polished on Monday, to be recorded the following Tuesday (along with the episode I wrote last week which will be recorded the day before).

You think you’re confused, you should see the look on my face.

Uhhh. I love radio drama. There are times where I actually prefer it to any other medium. I grew up on it all; books, tv, film and radio drama… I snuck tapes into bed and listened to old Goon Show episodes as I went to sleep on my WALK-MAN.

(A moment of silence… for the WALK-MAN).

I geniunly feel at home in this medium.

But I have to admit that I envy the TV writers. They get more attention (it’s hard to imagine anything getting less press than Canadian Television – Guess what, it’s Radio Drama), they get more money, and they get more time… To work on the same script. Draft after draft of the same script.

Actually, that sounds more like hell than what I’m doing.

At least I’m never bored.

Beisdes, the TV people won’t hire me, because whenever I try to get staffed on a show, they look at my radio drama credits and say, “They still make Radio Drama?”.

I don’t even want to start on what it’s like to explain to people outside this business about what I do. “I write Radio Drama”. “Drama? Like… Serious plays for radio?” “No, drama in the traditional… but it’s still comedy… and… Uhh… Like… You know… Burns and Allen but in space and without an audience… And you know… not quite as funny.”

“Why don’t they just call it Radio Comedy?”

“Because that’s… Like… The Debaters.”

“The who-what now?”


I still hold on to the belief that maybe there’ll be a resurgance in Radio Drama. Hell, if they get this podcasting thing sorted out (ha ha ha) maybe it’ll open up a whole new world.

In the meantime, I’m glad I have side projects… Which I work on… When I… Uhh… Have time…

Which is never.


Oh, who am I to complain, at least I’m working, right?

Now, I have to go to bed so I can get up in 4 hours and inject my friends diabetic cat with insulin.



End of Summer rambling garbage

Mmph… Scribble scribble… I swore I’d update this thing today, but my mind is scattered and I’ve got nothing that interesting to say…

We recorded the first two episodes of the new season of Canadia last week… It was fun to have the cast together again… Currently, I’m writing the next two episodes, which record at the end of the month. So there.

The plan is to re-air the first season starting in January, then continue on with the new episodes.

And I can finally say that the show will be airing in two timeslots.

Wednesday’s at 11PM and then Friday’s at 11:30AM. It’s Afghanada’s timeslot again… Which I love because it must confuse listeners to tune in one week and hear a seriously dramatic show about Canada’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan, and then the next week hear a retarded show about Canada’s involvement in an outer space war.

Still no update on podcasts… People are working on it. And the CD’s are scheduled to come out… Sometime… Maybe around Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.


I can’t believe it was that hot yesterday. 39 degrees with humidity. Fuck that shit, man. I’m done with summer… My vote tomorrow goes for the candidate who’s going to put an end to this absurdity. Either by reducing emissions, or by saying “Fuck it!” and air conditioning the Province.

Umm… Yeah…

I need a snack, I think… My blood sugar is low.

The End.

P.S. Why do I have a corkboard? I tape cue cards and sheets of paper to the wall, while telephone bills from 2005 are tacked to my corkboard.


Back at it (or, “what I did for my summer vacation”.)

As excited as I am to get back to work, part of me is the opposite of excited… You know… Uhh… “Dreading”.

Only because I’ve been sort of in a “not working and not feeling guilty” kind of headspace.

I’ve done a whole lot of “vacationy” type things over the last month, without ever managing to leave the city – which is sad…

I finally gave in and spent a week and a half reading every Harry Potter book. They’re good. I expect they’ll replace The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew books at everyone’s cottage.

I watched every episode of The Hills… (if you must know, Whitney is my favorite.)

My dog had surgery, he’s fine now but it was rough there for a bit… He had a benign cyst on his jugular. It came out easily, but he was doped up for a bit and had drainage tubes coming out of his throat… It was messy.

I finished the first draft of the screenplay I was working on, and managed to attach a producer to it. (And a good producer at that.)

Those last two things aren’t very vacationy. The last one is definitely the least vacationy type thing I’ve ever done, actually – it’s work. I worked. But it was a pet project and I had fun, so…

I’m not really sure what it means to take a vacation, to be honest. I went to Club Med once with my parents when I was a kid… A friend at the resort got sun stroke. I ran out of oxygen while scuba diving and caught impetigo from the scuba gear.

I think that experience put me off a whole lot of things: Travelling, Resorsts, The Sun, Scuba Diving, My Parents…


Radio drama.

Here we go. 15 more episodes.

And I’m going to start writing them…