I bought a shredder

I don’t have any “sensitive” documents or anything… I just print out a lot of scripts that i’d rather not have floating around… even in my own house.

and besides, shredders are hours of fun… as i’ve just found out.

I’ve been trying to stick to a pretty tight work schedule… Things are starting to move with the pilot, and it’s all on me now. The faster I work, the better a chance it will have at getting shot soon.

If it doesn’t suck.

If it sucks, then all bets are off.

Then I’ll be glad I bought a shredder.


Not Working

After reading Dennis McGrath’s blog today I was reminded of why I started this blog last July.

I wanted to keep a record of my work habits… My bad habits. Specifically, my tendency to do anything but work.

Realize that I do work, and i get the job done. My work doesn’t suffer. Every other aspect of my life does.

So… What did i do on this beautiful day?

Did I get any work done?


Did I at least go outside and enjoy the beautiful day?


I spent five hours combing the Earth thanks to Google Earth (It’s been unavailable to Mac Users with OS 10.3.9 until recently.)

Then I watched every episode of Askaninja.com (hey, it’s not bad… did you know there are midget ninjas? they’re minjas.)

So… Now what? It’s 10pm. I’ve had to re-write this post after accidentally hitting option+q instead of option+a… stupid firefox, ASK ME if i want to quit… and it was an accident because i’m… well, i’m lying on the couch with my laptop on my chest and my hands are at a funny angle so i hit the “q” button by accident- yes my wrists hurt.

I’m going to buckle down and do some work.

After I go outside for a walk.

To the video store.

To rent a Marx Brothers movie.

Actually, i’ll probably buy that DVD set of the first five movies.


I need something to distract me.

This was my favorite askaninja:


How was New York?

It was fine, thanks for asking.

It’s kind of crazy, seeing this ridiculous thing on Broadway.  I sat there for the whole show grinning from ear to ear… How in the hell did this thing end up on Broadway… Look, the show is great, it totally deserves to be there, but it’s really baffling.

The show is fantastic. The cast is fantastic, the music is fantastic, the director did a fantastic job… There isn’t a wasted moment on stage, it all just works. It’s the best production of this show i’ve ever seen. I couldn’t be happier.

Anyway, the trip itself sucked ass.

Holiday Inn on West 57th… You suck. Fuck you. When the temperature is above 20 degrees outside, turn the air conditioning on. Every time I walked through the lobby, someone was complaining about how hot their room was. I didn’t get a decent nights sleep. Look, I hate the heat, I admit it… I’m probably overly sensitive. But when people step into your hotel room and say, “holy fuck, this is unbearably hot!” you know it’s not just you.

And when I go to you, the desk clerk, to complain about the heat, don’t tell me, “you think it’s bad, imagine working here”… I don’t want to hear that. I want to hear, “I’m sorry, here’s a refund… and a FAN.”

So, I checked out a day early, and my friend Jack and I rented a car and drove home… That actually turned out to be the best part of the trip. NY State is stunning… And the car came with a satellite radio… I’m totally buying one.

So there. That’s my trip. Other stuff has happened in the last couple days that I would write about, like my stupid interview with Andy Barrie on Metro Morning (they called me the Pete Best of the Drowsy Chaperone and tried to get me to confess to being bitter: “What’s it like being Squeezed out of the show”)… But I just want to let it all go.

The show was good, the trip sucked. I’ll go back down in a month to actually spend some time in NY and meet the cast and the crew without all the crazy hub-bub of opening night.

But I won’t stay at the Holiday Inn on West 57th, because they suck cock.




I’ve been following this for a while now. Up until a few months ago, it was just a pilot being pitched around LA, but the American pilot Underfunded has found a home with NBC.

The idea of a CSIS operative working against a CIA operative is brilliant, and man, do I wish we had come up with it.

I have a feeling that it’s going to be the best Canadian show that we didn’t make.

Click here for an interview with the writers.


First Draft: Finished


A week later than I had hoped to have it finished, but it’s finished.



No, wait- First: Resident Evil 4!

(you see, I procrastinate by playing Video Games, and I celebrate by playing Video Games!)

(yeah, to you it’s pathetic, to me it’s heaven)

(f u dink)