Porter Airlines

Besides Olivia Chow, is anyone really against Porter Airlines starting up the the Island Airport again? Has anyone asked the people who live near there?

It seems to me the people who have a problem with the airline aren’t the people who live anywhere near the waterfront.

I went to school on the island (no, I didn’t live on the island, and yes, I took a ferry to school every day for three years) and we never heard the planes.

Personally, I hate flying… And most of what I hate about flying is Pearson. That airport is a nightmare. It’s like a gigantic sprawling airport mall… From hell. “Hell Mall Airport”. And for the sensitive few who have panic disorders, that place causes a 10 on the sids scale (shout out to my fellow pd sufferers).

For people like me, who want to spend less time at the airport than time spent on the actual flight, I say bring it on!

Now, I have no plans to fly to Ottawa any time soon, but as soon as they start flying to Montreal and New York, you can count me in.

And how awesome would it be to walk to the plane? I mean, you walk out onto the tarmac (or whatever the hell it’s called) and walk up the steps… Like an old movie!  And I’ll bet the chances of them losing your luggage are 0% because you’re putting the luggage on the plane, yourself! Like a bus!

It’s like a big flying bus, people!

Bye bye Pearson.

Anyway, my message is this:

Dear Olivia Chow, I voted for you. Please… Shut up. There are a lot more important matters that require your attention… Like anything…
Besides, how could you boycott anything that has this little fella for a mascot?

Look at him!!! HE’S SO FUCKIN’ CUTE!!