pain in the neck

on saturday i was at the gym, on the exercise bike, when i went to wipe my forehead with a towel and a little “ping!” went off in my neck.

i’ve been in bed since then. i can barely move my head.

now, normally this would be a dream come true… lying around all day…

but i’m getting sick of staring at the ceiling.

seriously, this sucks ass.

to use my laptop, i’ve got it propped up over my head, and typing is a bit of a feat… (to really hit this point home, i’m excluding the use of capitol letters, so it will seem as if i am in such agonizing pain, i can’t even hit the shift key)

(except to make brackets)

i curse my neck. i curse it!

i’m glad i bought the classic 39 episodes of the honeymooners last week… i’ve burned through most of them.

audrey meadows (alice) should have been a bigger star than lucy, if you ask me. talk about deadpan. that woman had talent.

and she was foxy to boot.

i think i’m going a little squirrely here.