On Friday, CBC picked up my radio series (about an American Midshipman on a Canadian maintenance ship, in an American fleet headed towards war).

Ten episodes (with the already recorded pilot, a total of eleven).

I’m very pleased, and excited. Although, the turn around time is insane…

It will start airing in April.

I’m going to farm a couple of the episodes out, while attempting to write an episode a week.

If it sounds insane to you, imagine how it sounds to me.

It’s quite the undertaking, but I figure I can take a day or two to break the story, then two days to write a first draft, then another two to write the second… giving me a day off.

But if part-way through the run, you hear someone reading the contents of the phone book, with space sf/x underneath, you’ll know I’ve snapped.

But at least you’ll have found the show.