Back at it (or, “what I did for my summer vacation”.)

As excited as I am to get back to work, part of me is the opposite of excited… You know… Uhh… “Dreading”.

Only because I’ve been sort of in a “not working and not feeling guilty” kind of headspace.

I’ve done a whole lot of “vacationy” type things over the last month, without ever managing to leave the city – which is sad…

I finally gave in and spent a week and a half reading every Harry Potter book. They’re good. I expect they’ll replace The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew books at everyone’s cottage.

I watched every episode of The Hills… (if you must know, Whitney is my favorite.)

My dog had surgery, he’s fine now but it was rough there for a bit… He had a benign cyst on his jugular. It came out easily, but he was doped up for a bit and had drainage tubes coming out of his throat… It was messy.

I finished the first draft of the screenplay I was working on, and managed to attach a producer to it. (And a good producer at that.)

Those last two things aren’t very vacationy. The last one is definitely the least vacationy type thing I’ve ever done, actually – it’s work. I worked. But it was a pet project and I had fun, so…

I’m not really sure what it means to take a vacation, to be honest. I went to Club Med once with my parents when I was a kid… A friend at the resort got sun stroke. I ran out of oxygen while scuba diving and caught impetigo from the scuba gear.

I think that experience put me off a whole lot of things: Travelling, Resorsts, The Sun, Scuba Diving, My Parents…


Radio drama.

Here we go. 15 more episodes.

And I’m going to start writing them…