End of Summer rambling garbage

Mmph… Scribble scribble… I swore I’d update this thing today, but my mind is scattered and I’ve got nothing that interesting to say…

We recorded the first two episodes of the new season of Canadia last week… It was fun to have the cast together again… Currently, I’m writing the next two episodes, which record at the end of the month. So there.

The plan is to re-air the first season starting in January, then continue on with the new episodes.

And I can finally say that the show will be airing in two timeslots.

Wednesday’s at 11PM and then Friday’s at 11:30AM. It’s Afghanada’s timeslot again… Which I love because it must confuse listeners to tune in one week and hear a seriously dramatic show about Canada’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan, and then the next week hear a retarded show about Canada’s involvement in an outer space war.

Still no update on podcasts… People are working on it. And the CD’s are scheduled to come out… Sometime… Maybe around Christmas. Ho, ho, ho.


I can’t believe it was that hot yesterday. 39 degrees with humidity. Fuck that shit, man. I’m done with summer… My vote tomorrow goes for the candidate who’s going to put an end to this absurdity. Either by reducing emissions, or by saying “Fuck it!” and air conditioning the Province.

Umm… Yeah…

I need a snack, I think… My blood sugar is low.

The End.

P.S. Why do I have a corkboard? I tape cue cards and sheets of paper to the wall, while telephone bills from 2005 are tacked to my corkboard.