Rainy Daze

Yeah, yeah, the title’s cliché, I know.

I’ve been surfing the net FOR HOURS and HOURS… Occasionally switching over to Word to write… nothing…

This is one of those days that just crawls by at first, but in a few hours I’ll wonder where the day went.


Canadia: 2056 now has an official web page, here. It’s in progress, there’s more to come (and it’ll be in super futuristic 8-bit!).

And, I can’t believe it, but the CD of the first season is available here for a whopping $49.99.

I like how part of the description reads:

This entertaining sci-fi comedy series is written by one of Canada’s best-loved comedy writers, Matt Watts.



Do you hear that? My own CD says I’m (one of Canada’s) BEST-LOVED!

Kevin White, I’m coming after your job. Are you best-loved? I don’t think so… Maybe “somewhat” loved (or “most” loved), but quite frankly, when I watch Corner Gas, I think, “this show could use a PR-designated BEST-loved writer in charge”.