Change is inevetable

Alright, I admit, that’s a somewhat melodramatic subject title. Sue me.

But it’s been a while since I posted, and a lot has happened. In fact, the reason I haven’t posted is because a lot has happened.

(If you want to ignore the whining and complaining, “Oh why me-isms”, skip the next couple paragraphs.)


Nothing terribly exciting – just the normal bullshit that everyone has to contend with at some point or another. Without getting into specifics, I will say that because I have a lot of time to myself, I have the luxury of analyzing everything to death, making my hardships feel, to me, that much more unbearable than anything any other person has ever had to endure. The economic collapse, the daily carnage brought on by a multitude of wars, famine, plagues – all pale by comparison to the heartbreak of a 33-year-old man-child who is forced to face another one of his fuckups in a long list of fuckups.

And Friday, I moved… again. Which is ultimately a positive thing. Living in the Distillery was sucking my soul… But moving is at the top of my list of stressful experiences. (Yeah, yeah, it’s at the top of everyone’s list, but I suffer more because I’m fragile and extremely neurotic, so… boo.) During the move on Friday, I misplaced my glasses, so it’s been four very long, blurry days – and I haven’t unpacked much, partially because there’s this underlying fear that I’ll be moving again (I haven’t lived in one place for more than a year in over 6 years – is it me? It’s hard to believe that it’s just circumstantial – again, more over-analysis.) and partially because I can’t really see anything without my glasses: I “guess” that “thing” looks ok “there”.

There’s some other shit that I won’t get into, only because I’m starting to annoy myself. But, here’s a gem: Last night I stepped in puke – I didn’t discover this until this morning, when I put on my boots and discovered (through smell, not sight, mind you) said puke. This, naturally, caused me to puke.

Oh Garfield, you were right about Mondays!


Canadia: 2056. Although a third season hasn’t been ruled out, it does look unlikely at this point. The second season was supposed to be available online for pre-order two weeks ago, but surprise surprise, there’s a delay. Maybe it’ll be available for Christmas… But then again, maybe it won’t.

I’ve been flung back into the world of sketch-comedy. During the summer, I co-wrote a bunch of sketches for CBC Radio’s “The Irrelevant Show”, then I was brought in as head writer for a radio pilot featuring a couple of CBCers, and I’ve just finished a four week stint in a writing room developing a bible for CBC Television for a sketch-ish show. I’m not going into specifics on any of these, only because I’m superstitious.

I’ve got another radio pilot in the works, and I’m (slowly) working on the third draft of the screenplay.

So, things are good. I’m working, I’m in a new apartment and finally: I’ve enlisted the help of a panic disorder specialist. I’m learning to cope with my anxiety and panic and can, for the first time in twenty years, see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I just wish that my relationship hadn’t fallen apart, my dad didn’t freak out when the economy tanked and put the condo I was living in on the market, and my dog wasn’t diagnosed with lymphoma.

But like I said, other than those things, life is good.