Canadia on iTunes… Sort of

Ok, I’ve gotten a better explanation as to what is happening with Canadia: 2056 on iTunes.

What you’re seeing up there now isn’t the final… release? I don’t know how to explain it, exactly. CBC is fiddling around with the pricing, I guess there’s some kind of confusion when it comes to putting media up on iTunes’ server and how to price it – so the CBC is figuring that out.

You’ll notice there are more episodes up.

You may also notice that there are episodes of Afghanada up there.

What is supposed to happen, at some point in the near future, is that there will be a whole CBC RADIO DRAMA section on iTunes, with links to it from the home page and everything (you may have noticed it’s not exactly easy to find, and that was done on purpose… so the CBC’ers could figure the system out).

Long story short (or tl;dr) It’ll all be up there soon – and I mean a lot of Radio Drama, not just my show – and it’ll be accessible and affordable.


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