A Sea of NDP signs

You have to hand it to the NDP, they’re really organized when it comes to getting their lawn signs out.

Within hours of the election being called, my neighbourhood was blanketed in Olivia Chow and Jack Layton signs.

I’ve heard that it’s the same in other neighbourhoods. NDP signs are everywhere.

For a party that talks about environmental friendliness, you’d think that producing thousands and thousands of campaign signs would be… well… you know… bad for the environment.

The whole lawn sign thing is so stupid anyway.

Like a sign is going to affect my vote.

“Who should I vote for? Well, there were all those signs. I’ll vote for the guy with the most signs… The Moustache guy. What do you mean the moustache guy isn’t in my riding? Well, why the hell is he on all the signs?! Screw this, I’m voting for the guy with the least amount of signs in my riding, cuz I HATE SIGNS.”

And then the world goes “boom”.