Fear of Traveling

Of all my anxieties, the one that is the most depressing is my fear of traveling. I don’t like to be away from home.

I’ve managed, of course, through therapy and diligence, to make the “bubble” a little larger than it used to be. At one point I couldn’t leave the house. This summer I spent 3 months in Ottawa shooting the show, Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays (tonight at 9 on CBC). I flew out there, and drove back. That’s a one hour flight, and a four and a half hour drive.

People who are afraid of traveling will understand the relevance. And Canadians in general will hopefully appreciate that I measure distance by how long it takes to get there.

I’m working towards popping the “bubble” completely.

The greatest irony is that ever since I was a kid, my favorite show has been Doctor Who. A man who travels ALL OF TIME AND SPACE.

Meanwhile, I still get nauseous when I have to go across town.

(Note: This piece was written for The National Post as part of the Arts & Life Diary series.)


3 thoughts on “Fear of Traveling

  1. The former is a state of being, the latter is a past state of being. But whichever of the two words you choose, it ends up the same result: unhappy.

    Hoping for better days on this point…

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