In Defense of The One and The CBC

Ok, by now everyone knows that ABC has cancelled The One. So, everyone can say a collective, “I told you so” to the CBC... But come on, that’s too easy and I would think be beneath most people… (“most” meaning everyone except The Globe who is far too happy to rub CBC’s nose in this… btw did you know that The Globe has the same parent company as CTV? Gee, no bias there.)

Anyway, here’s my argument for CBC, and for The One:

Reality Television is a total gamble. When CTV first started airing Idol, everyone shouted that this was the end of quality television and that we’d sunk to a new low. Now that Canadian Idol is so successful, those shouts are now the mumbles of out of work writers like me… Seriously, reality television is killing writers.

CBC took a risk, and yeah, they took a risk with public money. But I remember people chastising the CBC for PASSING on Idol in the first place (yeah, that’s right, CBC had first dibs) when it turned out to be such a huge success.

At least they took the risk.

Everyone is far too quick to jump all over the CBC for making bad decisions, when no one is actually praising them for finally MAKING DECISIONS.

Let them fail, and let them learn from their failures.

No one should lose their job for making a bad decision. If they make five, then maybe… but this is one bad decision. Look, from someone who just witnessed a huge regime change, all I’m saying is, “they’re new, give them some more time”.

Next time, they could have a hit.

(And yes, I’m ignoring the whole, “should CBC be chasing ratings” debate. I’m of the mindset that NO, they shouldn’t but that’s a whole other thing.)