The World Ends… TODAY!

According to Texas based fanatical religious group The House of Yahweh, Nuclear War will break out today and it will last 13 months until “the final burning blast that darkens the sun”…

Here’s a slightly dull video, made a month ago, by their leader (or “overseer”), Yisrayl Hawkins, which explains everything… Sort of. Did I mention that it’s slightly dull? I wasn’t paying full attention.

Anyway, there’s no need to panic, I’m pretty sure the world isn’t going to end today.

I’m no expert, so you shouldn’t listen to me, but then again, I’m probably 5% less crazy than that guy, so maybe you should.

Here’s my 5% less crazy prophecy:

“The world sucks, and will continue to suck, but it will never end, because the things that really fucking suck, never end.”

– From the blog of Matthew.

Hey, I’m not bad at this… Flock to me, my children!

And bring pie!