The Farmer says, “The CBC says No”

So, after two very long years of development (one year with the old regime, one with the new), the CBC finally gave me their answer regarding my television pilot. It was, “No”.

I’m not going to go into too many details, but I will say that they felt that the “target audience” for this show was not an “audience” they intend on “targeting”; They don’t want to “target” a “younger audience”.

Which is ironic since the show isn’t targeting a younger audience.

Just because there are teenagers in the show doesn’t mean that the show is about teenagers.

It’s like saying the key demo for Babar was elephants aged 0-7. Which maybe it was, and maybe why it’s not on the air anymore.

(I miss Babar)

I’d be lying if i said that I wasn’t disappointed.

I’d be lying if i said that I didn’t think they weren’t being short sighted about their decision.

The last few months have been particularly long. They’ve kept me in the dark, they’ve kept me guessing and second guessing what was going to happen.

For the most part, I’d chalk it up to being part of the business.

I’m not going to let this dictate how I feel about myself or my writing abilities, because I trust the people who’ve read it… I work with the best in the business.

Here’s the strange thing… I’m actually kind of relieved.

My producer and story editor (the best in the business) were both more shocked about the news than I was. I’m not an optimist, I saw this coming. So I’m not shocked.

I’m not going to wallow, or try to figure out what went wrong. The only thing I can do is learn from this experience and move forward.

And to be honest, I’ve been needing to move on from this for a while. I’ve been spinning my wheels waiting for an answer. I’ve been unable to concentrate on any other projects because, well, I spent two years focused on this…

So, what do I do now?

First we get all the money we’re owed, then we get the rights back and then finally we pitch it to someone else…

In the meantime, I can get back to writing.

Probably not television, tho.

Not for a while, anyway.